Top 10 Must Have Supplies For Your New Puppy

Top 10 Must Have Supplies For Your New Puppy

Bringing a new puppy into your home is an adventure, often filled with laughter and love. However, before you bring your new puppy home, you want to make sure you're well-prepared. Here are 10 items you shouldn't be without:

  1. Baby gates - Puppies not only have difficulty with bladder and bowel control but like to explore new things to see if they're edible. Being able to keep your pup out of certain areas will keep everyone safer and happier.
  2. A training crate - A crate makes your puppy easier to housebreak because they are less likely to potty in areas where they sleep. Another advantage is that it gives you dog a place to sleep that feels like a den, such as the Noz 2 Noz Sof Crate.
  3. Enzyme-based carpet cleaners - Puppies will have accidents, but these cleaners are good for removing stains and odors. The enzymes will discourage them from going in the same spot.
  4. A comfortable dog bed - The bed will keep your puppy warm and comfortable. Using the bed inside your new puppy's crate is a good way to help them feel more comfortable.
  5. Water and food bowls - Sturdy, chew-proof bowls are essential for keeping your puppy well-fed and watered. Choose a size that will grow with your puppy.
  6. A bag of his or her current food - Making the transition too quickly can upset your pup's stomach. Make the eventual switch from puppy to adult food slowly.
  7. A leash and collar - Nylon leashes are durable enough for active puppies. Consider the safety and ease of training that comes with a Martingale collar.
  8. Tough toys - Toys that are suitable for chewing will keep your puppy's teeth healthy and keep him or her occupied. Toys that are tough will withstand your puppy's chewing.
  9. Housebreaking pads - These pads encourage your puppy to pee only in designated areas. They are helpful for preventing accidents.
  10. Paper towels - Lots of paper towels will help you prepare to clean up even the biggest messes your puppy can make. Keep plenty of them at hand.

If you're well-prepared before bringing your puppy home, his or her transition to living in your home will go much more smoothly.

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