Why your Dog bites the bed?

Why your Dog bites the bed?

We all know that your dog brings a lot of love and energy to your home but in some cases they also bring destruction of the furniture and their beds, but why?

Theres no clear answer but most likely will be one of these.

1-Is in their toy radar: Sometimes they just think is one of their toys to play with, this happens usually because as pups they play most ob the time in the bed and they assimilate it to plays tome and toys.

2-They miss you: When you leave home your pup gets uncertainty when you will come back so they get anxiety and they manifest it in chewing different things like their bed.

3-They are exploring: Teri curiosity motivates them to bite and dig in different places and things to get a better understanding of that place or object.

A lot of these problems can be resolved using the right toys and training to help them learn and play safer.

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