How to take great photos of your dog or cat.

How to take great photos of your dog or cat.

Hello today I'm going to give you a couple of tips I've learned throughout  the years working as a photographer, and as a dog-dad as well.

Let's go straight to business on how to take great photos of your dog or cat.

First, you have to play for a couple of minutes, get to know him/her and drain a bit of energy so they will be more comfortable and move less throughout the photos.If they are behaving, give it a treat and be ready for picture time. This will let them know that they are doing a good job. 

Secondly, lighting is everything. Even if your furry friend is the cutest and most beautiful in the whole world. I assure you him/her will not look good in bad lighting, so be sure to be near a window (natural light is great and you can easily defuse it using white linens and the best is that it's free). If you are using a flash, be sure to use it as low power so they don't get agitated or nervous about it. 

Lastly, be creative. This tip is infinite, you can create a small set, model a couple of outfits, take a walk, use toys, include more family members, etc. It's your time to shine! 


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