How to be prepared for your new dog

How to be prepared for your new dog
Hello, I know it can be overwhelming to get prepared and everything ready for your new best friend, so I make a list of that things I have learned.
First, be ready for extreme new levels of love and cuteness, as the days passes you and your furry friend will bond in new levels. As him or her will be introduced into a new environment, make sure to create a space to where the new dog feels welcomed and loved. 
1. Create a corner with its bed, a blanket and its cup/water bowls. 
2. Buy him/her different toys so you can both play with as they settle in their new environment. 
3. If there is another pet in the family, for example, another dog. Make sure you introduce them, create a neutral space for them to get to know each other and always keep an eye out for their reactions. 
4. Be ready for this new dog to become another member of your family! You will find yourself buying gifts for him/her, possibly matching outfits with them! 
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